Tips in looking for discount web hosting

Searching the Internet for discount web hosting can be baffling, given the wide array of companies that are promising low-cost services to ensnare more clients. Fledgling webmasters, unfortunately, are drawn to cheaper plans without considering the drawbacks that come with an economic option. At some point, they end up paying for extras they don’t really need. They, therefore end up exhausting more cash instead of saving some.

Before you can jump at the shaved cost offers of web host companies, you have to know why they lowered their price and the catch that comes with it.

Possible Reasons for Discounted Web Hosting Services

1. There may be hundreds or thousands of websites sharing the same server.

2. Bandwidths may be throttled heavily on peak hours.

3. Web host companies are situated in 3rd world economies.

4. There are no available technical supports through hotlines, e-mails, or live chats.

5. The servers may be running on old computers and hardware.

6. Clients experience loads of downtime because of uncompetitive maintenance of the web server (if there are any). The decline in the number of clients may have prompted them to lower the cost of their packages without shelling out expenses to improve their facilities.

7. The web host is encountering a lot of spammers on their server. This results to having an IP addresses banned when webmasters try to send e-mails. With the filters against spam messages dominating the system, some of the emails may not come across.

8. There are no ample server backups to protect your data and files in case server failure occurs.

Gravest things can happen when you fall short in efforts to find out the reason behind the low cost of web hosting services. You may lose a big portion of your sales because of the slow load time of your page. Potential buyers may turn irate on waiting up for a page to open.

Some of the features you integrated on the website may not also work as expected, thereby leaving an irreversible dent on your conversion sales.

More so, the absence of customer representatives does not give you a security blanket and an avenue for going after the company when your profits are compromised.

But does this mean that you have to ditch web hosts that are offering deals and discounts? Not quite.

Truth is, there are few trustworthy web hosts lurking in the corners of the World Wide Web. They are not too difficult to find, if you know the most viable places to start. Fatcow, for one, is highly revered for its pocket-friendly price schemes and remarkably top notch services.

In the same vein, Hostmonster can give a wide array of discount codes without altering the quality of services they extend to webmasters.

With a little time and effort spent dawdling around web forums, you can have a lead on the list of companies that can ideally give you the best value for money without necessarily absconding dissatisfaction.

Discount Minus Disappointment

Choosing a discount web hosting is not too different from the usual hunt for good companies. There are factors that you have to consider before you can come up with qualifiers which can spawn criteria for selection.

Features and Services

Most web hosts are currently touting unlimited storage spaces, bandwidths, domains, e-mail accounts, etc. The variations of the offers across diverse companies are not too distinct. But as you expand your site for business or higher volume of traffic, you may want to avail services that can get you a competitive edge.

It helps to settle for a company like Fatcow that gives you an access to WordPress, Joomla and other shopping cart software.

Technical Support

Most companies cut several customer service privileges when they offer super cheap hosting plans. One of the features that are usually held back is technical support. Thus, you have to ensure that even an affordable package includes connectivity to a professional staff.

After all, you’ll never know when hitches would occur.

Total Price Discounted

The affordability of the services is a major deciding factor even when you are not hunting for discounted web hosting. Your budget matters especially when you have to earmark your resources for several more necessities.

Remember that availing cheap services doesn’t mean you are settling for a crappy plan. Companies like FatCow are offering hosting that cost you as low as $10 per month. But they remain to be the most impressive hosting service by far.

The trick is to compare your web host choices in terms of their tenure, experience in the industry, quality of the hardware they use in their data centers, user reviews, and reputation. Only then can you discern the rotten from the fresh tomatoes.

Take time to scratch things from the surface. With the unfriendly economy causing people to tighten their belts, you cannot afford to let your hard-earned bucks go to waste because of discount web hosting that is practically garbage.

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